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→ Albus Dayspring is the last descendant of a royal family whose history has been stained by tragedy. His father and mother were taken away from him too soon, leaving the boy behind with nothing but a treacherous uncle that despises him and an entire kingdom to rule. Now that Coronation Day approaches, could Albus break the chain of misfortune of his past, or will the jealously and power-hunger of Lord Hamish have the best of him?


Teen Wolf AU.

A Different World: He had no idea how it had happened.

One moment he was in spring break, helping Doctor Deaton in his werewolf shenanigans - something to do with a new type of mountain ash he found on Beacon Hills. Next thing he knew, he was waking up in his own bed, as if nothing had happened.

But something had. It wasn’t his bed; not really his. There was also the smell of pancakes in the morning, something he couldn’t remember having for… well, since he was a child.

Since his mum had died.

But she had. Not in that crazy place he was. His mum was alive, she was with his dad, they were happy. Everyone was happy. Even the Hales were happy; there was never a fire, there was a dozen of them running around the city like a completely normal family.

That was a different world - but was it a better one at that?

With the Hales never dying, there was no need for Scott to get the bite; Stiles’ best-friend was still an asthmatic shy potato and there was no Allison in his life. With Derek never becoming the alpha, Erica’s, Jackson’s, Vernon’s and Isaac’s lives were never changed.


Was it really better?

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