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→ Albus Dayspring is the last descendant of a royal family whose history has been stained by tragedy. His father and mother were taken away from him too soon, leaving the boy behind with nothing but a treacherous uncle that despises him and an entire kingdom to rule. Now that Coronation Day approaches, could Albus break the chain of misfortune of his past, or will the jealously and power-hunger of Lord Hamish have the best of him?


↳ doctor who season seven wishlist: Andrew Lee Potts as Alfie Owens.

Every life the Doctor touches changes completely, that’s a fact - and if you save the world when you are a baby, based solely on the power of love, you can’t expect your life not to be a awful lot of running. Alfie Owens became a agent of UNIT when he was in his teen years, and one of the best there - until the day he found out there was a scheme that would not only bring down the house, but pretty much every government in the world and some in other planets as well. He was lucky enough to find Jenny, who can help him solve the problem and save everyone - or could put him in even more danger, depends on your point of view.

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